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Northern Lights Registration
Pre-Registrations for both Entrants
or Non-Entrants should be sent to:

Lord Robert Toxophilus
Robert Goodrich
389 Voghell Road
Randolph, Vermont 05060
Email preferred.

Entrants' Contacts

Research Papers, Reports,
Written Prose or Poetry to:
Pentathalon Coordinator

Lord Tiberius Iulius Rufus
( Jason Di Giulio )
PO Box 471,
Sheffield, VT 05866
Email preferred.

Lord Tiberius
See contact information above,
Lady Allyson Knutcrusher

The Rules

Rules for Teaching Demonstration Category: Teachers must either teach a skill or present on a topic for a total of 10 - 15 minutes. Teachers will be judged on a number of criteria including knowledge of the topic, clarity of instruction or presentation of information, and overall impression. Teachers are encouraged to utilize visual aids and handouts, but these are not required.

Space Constraints: REQUEST – If you have a table or display you can bring that will hold your entries please contact Tiberius to let him know. We’re trying to use space as efficiently as possible this year and smaller individual tables for smaller entries would be helpful.

Face-to-Face Judging: Entrants are kindly requested to stand by their work between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.. Face-to-face judging gives entrants the opportunity to answer judges' questions and receive instant feedback on their entries. The competition will be open to respectful non-participants throughout the judging. I would also like to encourage judges, spectators, and participants to bring small personal tokens to present to the entrants whose works they most admire.

To Receive Scores and Comments: Please bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the registration table. Scores will be mailed within a few weeks following the competition.


  1. PRE-REGISTRATION IS PREFERRED (note - it is easier for us to make some changes to your registration when you get there, than it is for us to register you at the door).
  2. REQUEST -- If you have a table or display you can bring that will hold your entries please contact Tiberius to let him know. We're trying to use space as efficiently as possible this year and smaller individual tables for smaller entries would be helpful.
  3. You cannot enter a category if you have already won that category at Northern Lights. We will allow it if you were the only entry in the category, but will have to rely on your honor for this determination (see historical listings on the Results Archive web page). If you have won a category, we encourage you to bring the item(s) for display and ask you to consider volunteering to judge the category.
  4. To be eligible for the overall Pentathlon, you must enter at least five different categories. You may enter as many individual categories as you want. The Pent entrants' top 5 scores will be averaged to determine Pent placement. Recognition will again be given for second and third place in the overall average. You may also enter a single category or several without entering the overall Pent.
  5. You may enter a single item in all the categories that apply to it. If you're not sure a category applies, please ask the Pent Coordinator.
  6. Items may be entered by proxy but you risk losing points if a judge has a question. (pre-registration REQUIRED).
  7. Photographic entries must be pre-approved by the Pent Coordinator.
  8. Group entries are encouraged; however, groups will not be eligible to enter the overall Pent. Entrants who participate in group entries may use the group score for one (1) category as part of their overall Pent score.
  9. No kits or class packets please.
  10. Written documentation is required for EACH entry. There are many good resources for writing documentation.
  11. The display hall is up a flight of stairs. If a participant requires accessibility accommodation for the competitive display, please contact Tiberius Iulius Rufus.
  12. Musical Composition, Research papers/reports, prose, and written poetry (categories 41-45) require extra judging time and must be received by the Pent Coordinator 30 days prior to the competition (4 November 2010) but may be submitted earlier. You must pre-register if you send a written work. Contact Pent Coordinator for information on what you need to send and how submissions are accepted. Entries in these categories will NOT be accepted on site.
  13. Entrants and entries in the competition must checked-in by 11:00 am on the day of the competition in order to be judged (with the exception of those listed in #9). Pre-register and save yourself and your pent staff time and energy at the event. Registrations are accepted by e-mail up to the Monday night before the competition.
  14. As this competition is intended to encourage beginners and novices, we respectfully request that members of the Order of the Laurel not enter the category(ies) for which they received their Laurel. They are not only welcome but encouraged to try other categories, and we're always looking for judges!
  15. Award scrolls will not be given for categories where only one item is entered, but entrants will be allowed to enter that category again in future years.
  16. Items may only be entered in the miscellaneous category with permission from the Pent Coordinator
  17. TO PRE-REGISTER FOR THE COMPETITION contact NL Deputy -- Lord Robert Toxophilus,
  18. COMPETITION COORDINATOR -- Dominus Tiberius Iulius Rufus,
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The Northern Lights Arts and Sciences Competition is held every year
in the Northern Region of the the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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