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Lord Robert Toxophilus
Robert Goodrich
389 Voghell Road
Randolph, Vermont 05060
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Written Prose or Poetry to:
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Lord Tiberius Iulius Rufus
( Jason Di Giulio )
PO Box 471,
Sheffield, VT 05866
Email preferred.

Lord Tiberius
See contact information above,
Lady Allyson Knutcrusher

in the reign of Balfar and Luna III, AS XXXIV ...

Northern Lights 9 held at Riverton Community Center on the 1st day of April, 2000 in the Province of Malagentia.

Pent Coordinator: Mistress Brid ni Shearles
Autocrat: Lady Marina de Caro
Feast Prepared/Coordinated by: Lady Aelfwyn von Augsburg

Grand Pent Winners:

Caisin nic Annaidh aka Fujiwara no Aoi earned the first place;
Murshidah bint Safiyya al Andalus earned the second place; and
Rhianna ni Llywells earned the third place.

Category Winners

  • Costuming, 1000-1300 - Rhianna ni Llywells for 3-fingered wool "peasant" gloves;
  • Costuming, 1300-End of Period - Rose Otter for Thrum Cap;
  • Accessories - Fujiwara no Aoi aka Caisin nic Annaidh for Carnamoyle stockings;
  • Embroidery - Lady Moreta atta Birchwode for pink on green blackwork basketcover;
  • Beadwork - Lady Moreta atta Birchwode for French Hood;
  • Non-woven Fabric Construction (sprang, knitting, felting, etc.) - tie between Murshidah bint Safiyya al Andalus for bobbin lace corner & Rose Otter for Thrum Cap;
  • Weaving - Tiernan Shepherd for card woven belt;
  • Spinning - Caisin nic Annaidh aka Fujiwara no Aoi for Carnamoyle stockings;
  • Dyeing - Caisin nic Annaidh aka Fujiwara no Aoi for Saffron leine;
  • Leatherwork - tie betweenWulfric Alemaker for Romano-Germanic Boots & Harald Longfellow for Commedia dell'Arte Mask;
  • Woodwork - Harald Longfellow for wooden mask mold;
  • Functional Metalwork - Camma an Daraich for pilgrim/prize badge;
  • Armor & Weapons - Gerhardt of Oakenwode for late medieval war hammer;
  • Jewelry - Kenrick Burne for Pilgramage Medallion;
  • Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Carving - Jadwiga Zajaczkowa for painted wooden boxes;
  • Calligraphy - Randall Vihar Farkas for Pelican scroll;
  • Illumination - tie between Baroness Aisha Bint Jamil for early Timurid style illuminated scroll & Lady Anna Dimitriova Belokon for squashed bug/rabbit illumination;
  • Cooking - Murshidah bint Safiyya al Andalus for 13th c. recipe for sweetened Mukhallal;
  • Brewing - James Jacob Talbot for plain mead;
  • Herbology - Rhianna ni Llywells for St. Johnswort ointment with plantain;
  • Musical Performance (Period Style) - Lheadhain Treesinger for an acapella celtic style song based on a poem;
  • Musical Performance (Filk) - Margarita Kofinopoia aka Maggie basketmaker for "Lifeblood" a Viking drinking song by Wyndreth Berginsdottir;
  • Research Papers - Randall Vihar Farkas for a paper on "Midwife and Childbirth Practices of the Middle Ages";
  • Miscellaneous - Kenrick Burne for pilgramage medallion-pewter casting in slate mold.

No entries for Costuming pre-1000, Costuming for Combat, Vinting, Cordials, Storytelling and Drama, Dance, Poetry Performance, Other Performing Arts, Musical Composition, Prose, Poetry - written, Period Science, Lighting Devices

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