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Lord Robert Toxophilus
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Lord Tiberius Iulius Rufus
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PO Box 471,
Sheffield, VT 05866
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Lord Tiberius
See contact information above,
Lady Allyson Knutcrusher

in the year AS XXXVI ...

Northern Lights 11 held at Warren Town School on the 23 day of March, 2002 in the Shire of Panther Vale.

Pent Coordinator: Kuria Margarita Kofinopoia (aka Lady Maggie basketmaker)
Autocrat: Lady
Feast Prepared/Coordinated by:

Grand Pent Winners:

13 good gentles chose to strive for the mastery of the Pentathlon, entering a minimum of five separate categories each. Alas, there can be only three…

1st Place - Lady Mirabel Belchere (23.36 out of 25 points)
2nd Place - Baroness Moira Fionnbhar of Argyll (23.34 out of 25 points)
3rd Place - Julien de LaPoint (22.65 out of 25 points)

Category Winners:

  • Costuming, Pre-1000 - Alistrina de Mann (Coppergate-style sock)
  • Costuming, 1000-1300 - Baroness Moire Fionnbher or Argyll (Handwoven/spun/sewn Saxon Costume)
  • Costuming, 1300-1500 - Muriel de Chimay (Man's Braies)
  • Costuming, 1500-End of Period - Lady Mairghread Nic Neachdinn, Lady Morin Beatrice del Mare, & Lady Mylisant Grey (Lucrezia Sommaria Gown)
  • Costuming for Combat - Alianor of Ravenglass (rapier armor in the style of a 13th c lady's tunic)
  • Accessories - Lady Mirabel Belchere (Medieval Rosary with handmade glass beads on tablet cord)
  • Embroidery - Brynn Eilionoir nic Neachdain (Blackwork gloves)
  • Non-Woven Fabric Construction - Alistrina de Mann (Coppergate-style sock, naalbinding)
  • Weaving - Lady Mirabel Belchere (Tablet woven belt with animal pattern)
  • Spinning - Baroness Moire Finonbher or Argyll (Clothes for an English Knight: mantle)
  • Dyeing - Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Eggs dyed with period dye stuff)
  • Leatherworking - Lady Brianna McBain (15th c horse bridle and barding)
  • Woodworking - Julien de LaPointe (Russion Icon Diptych)
  • Armor - Dante d'Arquata (Leather fencing jacket)
  • Jewelry - Julien de LaPointe (tie between his carved bone pelican pendant & his brass knights medallion)
  • Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, & Carving - Tie between Elizabeth of Rivenstar (Egg tempera panel painting) & Julien de LaPointe (Russian Icon Diptych)
  • Calligraphy - Solomon Gerdawr (Signature from "Song of Songs")
  • Illumination - Dante d'Arquata (Illuminated manuscript)
  • Heraldry - Lady Mirabel Belchere (Table woven belt displaying the Northern Region Army device)
  • Cooking - Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhri (16th c. Cheese)
  • Herbalism - Lady Brianna McBain (Period-style, tallow based herb soaps)
  • Period Science - Alistrina de Mann (Coppergate-style socks, fleece preparation)
  • Vinting - Ada Inghean Taran & Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhri (Panther Vale Mead)
  • Cordials - Lady Anna Van Hellestal (Blueberry & Rum)
  • Period-Style Musical Performance - Muriel de Chimay (Vocal Solo - "Mais qu'il vous legne"
  • Filk Musical Performance - Solomon Gerdawr (Vocal Solo - "Sixteen Scrolls" filk of "Sixteen Tons"
  • Other Performing Arts - Melisande de Bourges ("Fools Gold")
  • Research Papers (8+ pages) - Kamilla van Anderlecht (15th c Gamurra research)
  • Research Reports (less than 8 pages) - Lady Brianna McBain ("Recreating a Medieval Garden")
  • Written Poetry - Jon Kvalsoy (Poem in Old English to honor his Mother's memory)

Honorable Mentions:

There were six categories where items were entered and well judged but only each was the only item entered in its category. Rather than award the category to the winner and deny them the competition of these categories in the future they receive here an honorable mention.

  • Beadwork - Lady Tammarion de Sidana (Houpelande with beaded collar & sleeves)
  • Functional Metalwork - Julien de LaPoint (Russian Icon Diptych)
  • Weapons - Julien de LaPoint (Bone handled knife)
  • Storytelling & Drama - Laird Stuidthart Martainn Mac Dhomhnaill (Magic show with stories)
  • Poetry Performance - Jon Kvalsoy (Poem in Old English and translation to honor his Mother's memory)
  • Miscellaneous - Lady Tammarion de Sidana (Pine Needle Basket)

Sadly there were six categories with no entries this year - Humor, Lighting Devices, Brewing, Dance, Musical Composition, and Written Prose. If there are no entries in Musical Composition for NL 12 the category with be removed.

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