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Lord Tiberius
See contact information above,
Lady Allyson Knutcrusher



6 August 2006

Greetings unto the populace of the East from Despotissa Margarita Kofinopoia/Mistress Maggie Basketmaker. I have been remiss in not sharing with you the names and items that won this year's Northern Lights XV. For the last time under my banner artisans and judges gathered, this time in Panther Vale (Montpelier, VT), to show the works of their hands and share their knowledge. Judges and Pent staff labored hard and long to complete the daunting task of determining the best of the best.

It has been my pleasure to run Northern Lights for the past seven years but even Hercules stopped at seven labors. I am pleased to announce that this year's deputy, Lady Rowan de Beauchamp, will be the Pent Coordinator for next year's Northern Lights. She is experienced and considerate and I hope you support her as well as I have been supported over the years.

Without further ado, the awards for Northern Lights 15 are:

Choice Awards

Populace Choice - Elizabeth Elenore Lovell - Loom & the garters woven on it

Entrants' Choice - Morgaine Andrea Beaumont - Collection of Medieval Toys

Judges' Choice - Magdelana van der Haa - Intarsia Quilted Wall Hanging

Pent Coordinator's Choice - Angharad Rhos ferch Rhain - 16TH c. Knitted Yellow Carnamoyle Stockings, including the research and development of the pattern from pictures of the extant partial pieces (she even had to create parts of the pattern to fill in what was missing in the originals!)


  • Accessories - TIE - Angharad Rhos ferch Rhain - 16th c. Knitted Yellow Carnamoyle Stockings & Susanna Lockheart- Knitted multicolored 14th c tasseled silk pouch
  • Beadwork - Teresa Giani - Beaded Red Byzantine Dalmatica
  • Brewing - Beers/Ales/Lagers - No entries
  • Brewing - Cordials - SINGLE ENTRY- Ulrich von Dunkelberg - Strawberry Cordial
  • Brewing - Meads - Ivan Sergevich - twice boiled Metheglin
  • Brewing - Wines - No entries
  • Calligraphy - SINGLE ENTRY - Ysemay Sterlyng - Batarde Calligraphy script
  • Cooking - Morgaine Andrea Beaumont - Comparative Redactions of Shiraz Bi-Buqul
  • Costuming for Combat - SINGLE ENTRY - Domenego Paladin - Landsknecht Outfit
  • Costuming, 1300-1500 - Magdelana van der Haa - 14th c. Moy Bog Garment
  • Costuming, 1500 - end of Period - Isabella de Valois - Italian Renaissance gown
  • Costuming, Pre-1000 - Peregrine the Illuminator - Woven Diamond Twill Linen Tunic
  • Costuming,1000-1300 - Nest verch Tangwistel - Red Bliaut with black lined sleeve
  • Dance - SINGLE ENTRY - Ardenia ARuadh - Inspiration in Miniature
  • Drawing & Painting - Peregrine the Illuminator - East Kingdom Portolan Chart
  • Dyeing - Elizabeth Elenore Lovell - Tabby Woven Garters
  • Embroidery, Counted - Janet Kempe - Blackwork Coif
  • Embroidery, non-counted - Magdalana van der Haa - Intarsia Wall Decoration
  • Headwear - Henna Sinclair - Monmouth cap
  • Heraldic Display - Yvan Wolvesbane of Norseland - Etched Pelican Medallion
  • Herbalism - Elinor Strangewayes - Powder for the Cough
  • Household Goods - Magdelana van der Haa - Intarsia Wall Decoration
  • Illumination - Ysemay Sterlyng - 14th c. French Vine Illuminated Manuscript
  • Jewelry - Yvan Wolvesbane of Norseland - Chased Brass Armband
  • Leatherworking - Aurelia Rufinia - 2nd c. Roman Shoes
  • Metalwork - TIE - Elinor Strangewayes - Period Compass & Yvan Wolvesbane of Norseland - Chased Brass Armband
  • Miscellaneous - Magdelana van der Haa - Wheel thrown Pottery drinking vessel
  • Mus. Perf. - Period Style - Rosina von Schaffhausen - "Verlangen Thut Mich Krencken"
  • Musical Composition - Chiara da Montepulciano - "Lament of Jephtah's Daughter"
  • Musical Perf. - Filk - SINGLE ENTRY - Isabella de Valois - A Piece for Harp/Voice
  • Narrow Work - Elizabeth Elenore Lovell - Tabby woven garters
  • Non-woven Fabric Construction - TIE - Angharad Rhos ferch Rhain - 16th c. Knitted Carnamoyle Stockings & Susanna - Knitted multicolored 14th c tasseled silk pouch
  • Performing Arts - Poetry - Tiberius Iulis Rufus - Dark Armor
  • Performing Arts, other - SINGLE ENTRY - Ardenia ARuadh - Dressing the Dancer
  • Period Science - Elinor Strangewayes - Powder for the Cough
  • Poetry - written - Chiara da Montepulciano - "Lament of Jephtah's Daughter"
  • Prose - SINGLE ENTRY - Chiara da Montepulciano - the story of Jephtah's Daughter
  • Research Papers (8+pgs) - Angharad Rhos ferch Rhain - Study of Carnamoyle Knitted Stockings
  • Research Rpts (<8 pgs) - Juliana Osborne - "Women as Landowners in Early Modern England"
  • Sculpture & Carving - Renye Wurm - woodcuts
  • Spinning - TIE - Elizabeth Elenore Lovell - Tabby woven garters & Henna Sinclair -Monmouth caps
  • Storytelling & Drama - Peregrine the Illuminator - "Thorvald's Saga"
  • Toys - Morgaine Andrea Beaumont - Collection of Medieval Toys
  • Weaving - Peregrine the Illuminator - Perugia Linen Towels
  • Woodworking - Renye Wurm - woodcuts

Overall Pentathlon

  1. 1st Place - Elizabeth Elinor with 235 out of 250 points
  2. 2nd Place - Peregrine the Illuminator - 225 out of 250 points
  3. 3rd Place - Janet Kemp - 224.67 out of 250 points

Yours In Service,
Despotissa Margarita Kofinopoia/Mistress Maggie Basketmaker

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