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Lord Tiberius
See contact information above,
Lady Allyson Knutcrusher

3 March 2008

from Lady Rowan deBeauchamp, Northern Lights Pentathalon Co-Coordinator:

Congratulations to the winners of the 2008 Northern Lights Pentathlon!

First Place: Reyne Wurm
Second Place: Janet Kempe
Third Place: Sof'ia Serafiomskaia

Populous Choice: Tiberivs Jvlivs Rvfvs
Pent Co-Coordinator's Choice: Omelan

Entrants, Judges, and event staff braved a snow storm to participate in this year's Northern Lights.  Competition for the top three places was incredibly fierce (each only differing by a few decimal points).  This year's coveted prizes were enameled by Lord Tristan de Warrell and scrolls for all categories illuminated by Lord Robert of Stonemarche with Duchess Katherine Stanhope illuminating the top three prize scrolls.

Thank you to the shire of Glenn Linn for hosting this event (and for providing an exceptional sideboard that ate like a feast!) and to all who volunteered to help at this event.  

And without further ado, the category winners are:

(Please note that in the instance of single entries in a category, scrolls are awarded.  However, those entrants will have an opportunity to re-enter that category in future competitions. Rowan will contact each of the solo entrants privately.  All solo entrants should be commended for competing in a category that no one else braved that day.)

Costuming 1000 - 1300: Tatiana Iarekova
Costuming 1300 - 1500: Ysemay Sterling
Costuming 1500 - End of Period: Moreta atte Birchwode
Costuming for Combat: Ysemay Sterlyng
Cassories (Tie): - Janet Kemp & Sof'ia Serafimskaia
Headwear Sof'ia Serafimskaia
Counted Embroidery Briony of Chatham
Non-Counted Embroidery Janet Kempe
Beadwork: Sof'ia Serafimskaia
Non-Woven Fabric: Sof'ia Serafimskaia
Weaving: Morgaine de Beaumont
Cordmaking: Janet Kempe
Spinning: Sof'ia Serafimskaia
Dyeing: Siobhan MacConmara
Leatherwork: Omelan
Hunting Arrows: Omelan
Metalwork: Reyne Wurm
Jewelry: Reyne Wurm
Glass: Anneke of Flakkeroy
Drawing & Painting: Reyne Wurm
Calligraphy: Heather Rose MacGordon
Illumination: Tiberivs Julius Rufus
Heraldic Display: Anneke of Flekkeroy
Cooking: Reyne Wurm
Herbalism: Isabella d'Allaines
Period Science: Isabella d'Allaines
Household Goods: Briony of Chatham
Toys: Kananbala
Miscellaneous: Reyne Wurm & Tristan DeWarrell
Meads: Telgar Augustusson
Cordials: Ardenia ARuadh
Musical Performance (Period): Tatiana Iarekova
Musical Performance (non-period): Aoife ingen Conchobair
Storytelling & Drama: Aoife ingen Conchobair
Poetry Performance: Ardenia Aruadh
Teaching Demonstration: Tiberivs Julius Rufus
Musical Composition: Tatiana Iarekvoa
Research Papers: Anneke of Flekkeroy
Research Reports: Janet Kempe
Poetry Written: Caryl de Trecesson

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