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Pre-Registrations for both Entrants
or Non-Entrants should be sent to:

Lord Robert Toxophilus
Robert Goodrich
389 Voghell Road
Randolph, Vermont 05060
Email preferred.

Entrants' Contacts

Research Papers, Reports,
Written Prose or Poetry to:
Pentathalon Coordinator

Lord Tiberius Iulius Rufus
( Jason Di Giulio )
PO Box 471,
Sheffield, VT 05866
Email preferred.

Lord Tiberius
See contact information above,
Lady Allyson Knutcrusher

6 April 2007

Without further ado, the awards for Northern Lights 16 are:

Choice Awards

Populace Choice: Kean Gryffyth

Pent Coordinator's Prize: Genevieve Cranwell: Embroidered Partlet

Overall Pentathlon

  1. 1st Place Pentathlon: Susanna Lockheart:
  2. 2nd Place Pentathlon: Kean Gryffyth:
  3. 3rd Place Pentathlon: Nest verch Tangwistel:


    Costumes and Clothing

  1. Costuming Pre-1000: Susanna Lockheart: Roman Socks
  2. Costuming 1000-1300: NO ENTRIES:
  3. Costuming 1300-1500: Susanna Lockheart: Egyptian Socks
  4. Costuming 1500-End of Period: NO ENTRIES:
  5. Costuming for Combat: NO ENTRIES:
  6. Accessories: Ysemay Sterlyng: Hand Sewn Smocked Apron
  7. Headwear: Ysemay Sterlyng: 15th Century French Hood
  8. Small Work

  9. Counted Embroidery: NO ENTRIES:
  10. Non-Counted Embroidery: Nest verch Tangwistel: Embroidered panels from a 16th Century Russian Liturgical
  11. Beadwork: Misha Gryffyth: Beaded Kokoshnik (Russian headdress)
  12. Textiles

  13. Non-Woven Fabric: Nest verch Tangwistel: Collection of Knitted Bags
  14. Weaving: Tarazed of Ruantallan: Tablet-woven apprentice Belt
  15. Narrow Work: Gauen Wydefare: Purple & Gold "Maunche" Tablet Woven Band
  16. Spinning: Sarah bos Mordechai: Collection of Spinning Samples
  17. Dyeing: Susanna Lockheart: Collection of Indigo Dyed Items
  18. Smiths

  19. Leatherwork: Aelfwyn Marie von Augsburg: White Leather Quiver
  20. Woodwork: Kean Gryffyth: Maple Writing Slope
  21. Metalwork: Kean Gryffyth: Silver Viking Arm Band
  22. Jewelry: Tristen de Werrell: Enamelled Broaches
  23. Drawing and Painting: NO ENTRIES:
  24. Sculpture & Carving: Misha Gryffyth: Soapstone Pewter Casting Mold
  25. Illumination and Heraldry

  26. Calligraphy: Ysemay Sterlyng: Calligraphy on Scroll
  27. Illumination: NO ENTRIES:
  28. Heraldic Display: Svea the Short Sighted: Household device on gloves
  29. Edibles

  30. Cooking: Mergriet van Wijenhorst: Variations of Almond Butter
  31. Herbalism: Aelfwyn Marie von Augsburg: Bottle of Elderberry Rob Medicinal Syrup
  32. Miscellaneous

  33. Period Science: NO ENTRIES:
  34. Household Goods: Raudhnait inghean Ruaidhri & Eol ua Tadhg: 7th Century Hanging Bowl with Enameled Medallions
  35. Toys: Tatiana Iarekova: Clay Dolls and Figurines
  36. Miscellaneous: Kean Gryffyth: Hand Bound Book, Red Leather Cover
  37. Potable Art

  38. Beers/Ales/Lagers: NO ENTRIES:
  39. Meads: Ysemay Sterlyng: Mead
  40. Wines: NO ENTRIES:
  41. Cordials: Kythe Szubielke: Orange Cordial
  42. Performance

  43. Musical Performance (Period Style): Svea the Short Sighted: "Fine Knacks for Ladies;" A Song by Dowland
  44. Musical Performance (non-period): NO ENTRIES:
  45. Storytelling & Drama: Lorita de Siena: "The Power of the Diamond" Italian Comic Tale
  46. Dance: NO ENTRIES:
  47. Poetry Performance: Ardenia Aruadh: "A Faire du Fromage"
  48. Teaching Demonstration: Susanna Lockheart: "Examining Extent Medieval Textiles in Museums"
  49. Other Performances: NO ENTRIES:
  50. Musical Composition: NO ENTRIES:
  51. Written

  52. Research Papers: Elinor Strangeways: "Desirous to See the Strange Things of the World": The Curious Voyage of M. Hore
  53. Research Reports: Susanna Lockheart: "Egyptian Socks at the Textile Museum"
  54. Prose: NO ENTRIES:
  55. Poetry Written: Grim the Skald: Collection of 4 Poems
  56. Thank you to 2007 Volunteers
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    Winners List 2007

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